California & Hawaii

West Region Pickleball

May 1-7, 2021

Regional TOurnament



How to Get Started

The FIRST RULE of pickleball…Have fun!
Pickleball is one of the easiest sports to start learning and definitely has one of the best communities. All you have to do is Drop In. 

If you haven’t played pickleball yet, the first thing that differentiates the game from any other is the positive social atmosphere. There are drop-in times and locations all around the country. Plus, everyone that’s there remembers the first time they learned the game and dropped in to a session, so you’ll always find someone willing to show you the ropes. Step one, just show up with a great attitude.

The game itself is a cross between tennis and ping pong, played on a smaller badminton sized court. A smaller court, lower nets, and the hard plastic pickleball help make the game easily accessible, yet fun, fast, and never ending opportunity to improve your game. If you’re looking for help getting into the game, contact a local USAPA Ambassador and they will gladly help guide you.

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Never Stop Improving

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We all started the game learning the first mantra, just get the ball over the net. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning the techniques to advance.


One of the fantastic aspects of this sport is that strategy will often defeat raw physical ability. Learn to play the right way and you can compete with anyone.


Pickleball is a sport as much as it’s a game. Cross training and stretching will help you play more and play better.

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